Listed below are music/video projects that shows Vincent King's versatility in creating a musical slogan

"So Good" (The Boston Song) 
a song originally produced as a school project that locally went viral and led to a partnership with New England Ford 2012 - 2015 summer anthem  "And It Feels So Good"

"Beat As One" was a joint effort to support our city's annual marathon.  We love our city and the people in it!  A special thank you to everyone who joined us making this flash mob possible!

Michele Messino, president of Newbury Street League and 24 local businesses joined with Vincent in creating a music video on the iconic Newbury Street, celebrating years of dedication Boston has committed to its small business owners and patrons!

Created for the local Boston party bus scene.  Special thank you to the Bustonian  for sponsoring this project 

Download the song:


American Airlines Boston reveals their new uniforms and features a live performance by local artist, Vincent King.. Special thanks to all Steve, Michele, Dina, and all of the employees who participated in making of the video... Also thanks to Massport and Logan Airport authorities for allowing us to film and record..